We're looking to grow our Box eXchange network to better serve our customers.  
Link up with BoxUp and grow your business!


BoxUp wants to help you make more money by becoming part of our network. We can help you gross more revenue per box, simplify your sells, and open up to a larger buying audience from people wishing to build cargotecture spaces.

  • Sell used and new containers of 3 standard sizes
  • Have delivery equipment for your local market
  • Actively take pictures and update your prices
  • Ability to do certified welding work.
Shipping Container Suppliers


BoxUp wants to help establish the network through consistent routes and delivery. If you're looking to grow your hot shot business and can handle 20' or 40' empty shipping containers, talk to us. BoxUp needs your help and wants to help you make money.

  • All required paperwork in good standing
  • Use a smartphone
  • Professional & clean cut
  • Independent operation - private company (no brokers)
shipping container transporters

Trucks & Trailers

Got a truck and a CDL or a trailer use your for work but maybe not everyday? We're looking to help you leverage your assets that sit still too much.

Property Owners

If you're looking to leverage your land more optimally, off-grid cargotecture may be the answer. We have turnkey solutions that allow you to drive higher premiums and profitability for smaller or more difficult parcels to sell or rent out in multi-tenant, multi-use situations.

Interested? Talks to us, we’re professional developers and property owners ourselves and can help guide you to a path of higher profitability with more self-reliant rental properties and communities that can stand the test of time and tenants.