Shipping Container Suppliers

Streamline and automate retail sells through BoxUp's eXchange app. Its easy, all you have to do is keep your pricing up-to-date! BoxUp is developing tools and products that will simplify and standardized secondary market container alterations and thus (hopefully) increase demand and sells.


Alleviate the headache of quotes and call volume. Through our powerful web app; sells, logistics, and marketing are automated. You'll receive an email and follow up call with a client purchase order and details right after their placed. Talk to us for details.

Competitive value:

Tiny homes and backyard spaces are the new big deal and you have the opportunity to cater to a growing industry. We understand that scaling a business as a contractor brings financial risks trying to support additional overhead of a crew on a full-time basis. We can help. 


BoxUp is a designer and builder of prefabricated modular parts specifically for enhancing containers. When a client orders through our app they can upgrade their container through us which translates to more money for you. You focus on your operations while we focus on the headaches that will help you become more adaptable to an evolving marketplace without risking newly required man power. Nausea goes down, revenue goes up.


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