Extruded Aluminum


What is extruded aluminum and why do we use it? Simply put, its a framing system made of aluminum that is extruded in T or V shapes, in the U.S. its usually referred to as 80/20 (a trademarked brand). It offers a compelling new approach to building small structures. Its a perfect fit for Box Up where we aim to empower the end-user to create the escape of their dreams by eliminating the need, cost, and delays of labor. We want to leverage it in all ways that we can. You'll find it in our wall panels as well as our plug and play products.

Screenshot 2018-03-29 10.30.11.png

profile dimensions

We plan to leverage 30 series in our panels on the metric side. Though you can build with whatever you like so here is a quick dimensional chart of sizes for comparison sake.

Screenshot 2018-03-29 11.40.54.png



The combinations and options for fastening components together seems nearly infinite. With the ability to find a specific piece for just about every need, you can build as big as your imagination, usually with just an allen wrench of tools.