Find the box and build the space by this weekend.

Find a box.


The Box eXchange

By partnering with local yards, affordable  shipping containers are just a couple mouse clicks away.

Find and price your box based on size and where it will be delivered. No phone calls, junk emails, or waiting for quotes. Price is all-inclusive. All containers are handpicked and inspected. Delivery can usually happen in less than 5 days. If you plan to have windows and doors, your container can arrive ready to accept them.


Assemble the space.


The Endoskeleton.

Our prefabricated panels are insulated, pre-installed lighting and electrical, and ready for plumbing. Allowing you to transform your shipping container into a fully usable space in a weekend. 

They have the highest insulation per inch on the market and are half the depth of similar performing walls built via traditional construction. They take just a few minutes per panel to install. 

Check out our Cargotecture Guide for a step-by-step process of what to expect when you build with boxes.



insulation & framing

When building in small spaces maximizing the density of structural components is a must. Leveraging metal and the high R-value density poly-iso foam we can create a high strength-to-weight ratio while shaving critical inches off the wall depth, leaving more floorspace for you to enjoy.


Water & Electric

Our panels are prepared for this. After you've installed your panels you connect your wiring at pre-established conduit locations and stop them where you want your furnishings and outlets.


plug & play

Our goal is to get you to flip a container into cargotecture within a few hours with very basic tools. We are continuously innovating our panels while working on a library of plug and play products and design solutions to bring this to your container space. Exoskeletons, off-grid power and water, and snap-in furnishings are all things that are underway.