Leverage cargotecture to grow without constraint.

The scarcity of trade labor is becoming
a serious challenge that we aim to address


simplify customers:

Sell your boxes through our app

Alleviate the headache of quotes and call volume. Streamline and automate retail sells through the Box X app. Through our powerful web app sells and logistics are automated. 


More Revenue:

Product distribution

Reselling containers through our app is just the first step. Box Up is developing prefab products and DIY assembly kits that will simplify and standardize container alterations for human occupancy use, thus (hopefully) growing the secondary marketplace. 


differentiate yourself:

Sell more, but hire less

Tiny homes and backyard spaces are the new big deal, but your local market might not provide the ability to risk the overhead of trying to participate and hire additional, hard-to-find help. By tailoring to the DIY crowd through our growing prefab product suite, you can differentiate yourself risk free.



  • Sell used and new containers
  • Have delivery priced into your containers
  • Be proactive in keeping your prices updated
  • Ability to do certified welding
  • An organized and well run shop
  • A customer service first priority

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