What does the 'price' given in your app mean?

That is the final price for your container.  There are no additional fees, taxes, etc that will be added on any point later on.  We calculate everything on the spot so that you know what you're paying for right away.

What are the conditions of the shipping containers you sell?

Our containers are guaranteed to be wind and water tight for at least a year. One should be prepared for odd colors, some rust patches, and minor dents. Doors will be operational by 1 typical adult individual. BoxUp intends to make every effort to get you a picture of the specific box you're buying before it is shipped. A feature that we will be building into our app.

If you request it we can do a custom order for a 'one trip' box. This is industry speak for what's considered a newly built box that was only used for the trip across the ocean. These tend to be 30-50% more expensive than a traditional box. We can custom quote you on a new box if that is what you wish to use. 

Where do the shipping containers come from?

Currently our containers come from major ports along coastal cities. They are decommissioned and no longer sea worthy capable so suppliers need to sell them. Overtime this may change to include suppliers further inland from the coast but in general your container is coming from a supplier located near a major coastal port.

How do you transport your containers?

Your container will arrive by tilt bed trailer. Most likely behind a 350/3500 pickup truck. We are building a trusted and vetted network of drivers that will haul containers that have a relationship with BoxUp.  They are licensed, insured, and professional. If you find that your transporter was lacking professionalism in their communication and on-site activity, please let us know immediately.