On the Delivery Details page of the app you have a few different data points we need to collect from you. 

Delivery Zip Code

This is the zip code for the location of where your container will be dropped off. Your delivery zip code is used to calculate shipping cost.  The location of the zip code entered here is how that cost is calculated as well as a factor in where your container is purchased from for the delivery of your container. Please be certain that your zip code is entered correctly.  

Delivery Date

This is the date you desire to have your container arrive. We require a 5 day advanced notice from date of purchase to date of delivery.  This helps insure that all the prep and transportation logistics can be worked on in due time. The actual arrival date may vary based on availability of the shipping container yards to prep, clean, and perform any necessary work or requested modifications in addition to the availability of transporters to bring your container to you. Box Up will make every best effort to hit this target date.  After your purchase, Box Up will contact you to confirm your date and to find additional dates that would work as an alternative. 

Delivery Phone

The phone number entered should be the best method of getting ahold of the person that will be onsite on the date of the delivery. This number will be the number we correspond with as your container is approaching to prepare and fully inform the driver of specifics of your site location. The number we contact initially to confirm the order will be the number provided on the billing page.  

Delivery Method

You have three options to select from with BoxUp on receiving your shipping container.  You'll see the phrase 'I can pickup myself' for this option selection.

I can come pickup myself

This refers to anyone who has their own truck and trailer, either personal or business, and wishes to pickup the container on their own time and money.  If you select this option your charge for shipping will be calculated at zero since it is expected that you will go and pickup your container on your own accord.  You will receive details of the supplier location once you've processed your payment for the container. If you select this option you must arrive at the supplier location during business operating hours with equipment suitable to haul your container. We assume no liability for the loading, transport, or delivery of your container when performing this task on your own.

ship, I have unloading equipment

This refers to anyone that has unloading equipment that has the ability to pick up a container off of a flatbed trailer at the delivery site location. Your driver will likely be towing on a trailer that does not have a 'roll-off' capability and will likely not be able to unload the container on his/her own. It is your responsibility to insure that you have proper equipment that can handle these very large spaces at weights and dimensions outlined here. If the transporter shows up and your equipment can not perform the tasks all associated overage fees or equipment rentals are your responsibility. 

ship, I do not have unloading equipment

This refers to anyone that has essentially no heavy equipment whatsoever and will need assistance of transportation and delivery fully. BoxUp and their associated contractors will handle the transport and unloading for you. BoxUp contractors will make every available effort to unload your container in the specific location you desire but due to unknown constraints of infinitely possible circumstances we can only assure within 25 square feet of the location with good access. If your site is expected to be especially complex or unusually difficult to reach with transport equipment you will be responsible for additional fees resulting from overtime effort necessary to allow the transport team to unload.

In any and all circumstances you should expect that a transporter, regardless of container size, needs enough space to safely maneuver a truck and trailer at a length of at least 60 or more feet.

For cancelations please see our terms and conditions.